Ayamy (あやみ)

Ayamy (あやみ)
Illustrator and Vtuber
Ayamy is a Japan-based illustrator, character designer and Vtuber. Across Twitter (X), YouTube, pixiv, Ayamy has amassed over 1 million total subscribers and followers. Ayamy not only is the character designer of her Vtuber model but she has also done the character design for Yozora Mel, Hanamori Healty, Yaso Yoiki and Shabel Tonya. She is also the character designer of Endo Shimiko from the mobile game, Blue Archive.

“Since 2015, I have been creating character designs and illustrations for various games and light novel illustrations. Now, I have many “daughters” who are VTubers, and I myself have become a VTuber, expanding my range of activities. Thanks to you, Ayamy Channel on YouTube has over 120,000 subscribers!

I’m really looking forward to participating in AnimeFest this year!”