Firozera (aka Firo)  is a kaiju vtuber from Australia. With a deep love of the vtuber industry, Firo works hard to provide educational content designed to help other vtubers maintain healthy, positive attitudes towards their craft. She has covered topics ranging from how to handle envy as a content creator to vtuber collaboration etiquette and how to avoid bad experiences.

Firo has been streaming since late 2022 but rebranded in 2023 in order to become the kaiju menace to society she always dreamt of being. Since then she has proven herself to be a menace to her own self by being a complete and utter girlfailure.

As a variety streamer, you never know what Firo will be streaming on any given day. One day it may be fast-paced mecha battles and the next it may be 6+ hours of slow-paced fishing (accompanied by Firo yelling insults at the fish that get away). Every now and then she organizes elaborate collabs, such as every October when she takes viewers through a gauntlet of vtubers who explain their favorite bad horror movie in Powerpoint presentation form.

Even though she’s a kaiju, we can assure you she’s completely harmless (but don’t tell her we said that)!