Zane Daze

Zane is a Hong Kong Vtuber, English lecturer and variety streamer who mainly holds her streams in English. With a full time job, Zane started streaming in January of 2021.

Your typical Story-Rich RPG fan, she prides herself in voice acting different types of characters (for fun). Having played over 40 prominent Gacha game titles and keeping up with no less than 5 of them daily, Zane’s audience often questions: “Do you even sleep?” Name a gacha game, she’s probably tried it. With fluency and ability in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Japanese, she tries gacha games in all different languages.

Recently, she has been dragged into the depths of Final Fantasy XIV and has been crafting up a storm and screaming in raids. It’s a terrible addiction and she plays way too much. If she has an RP account, she isn’t about to tell you.

Reoccurring titles that you may see on her stream are currently: Honkai: Star Rail, FFXIV, Gacha games, story rich games like Persona, Atelier Ryza.

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