Southern Cospitality

Orion Valiant
der Glitzkrieg
Nonbearnary G

Southern Cospitality Cosplay is a group of LGBT cosplayers specializing in doing whatever the heck they feel like. They have over 30 years of cumulative experience in the hobby and have been involved in all aspects of it from making costumes and competing to judging contests to organizing and running them.

Orion Valiant (they/them) lives and breathes idols and is also an expert MC with 13 years of experience. der Glitzkrieg (he/him) took his passion for costuming and turned it into a career, obtaining a BS with honors in Textiles and Apparel Design. Nonbearnary G (they/them) focuses on the audio production side of things, making sure performance audio is pitch perfect. They use their passion for cosplay to teach and inspire people to take their first step on their crafting journey.