Mika Akatsuka

Mika Akatsuka is an Australian vtuber and variety streamer with a love of Apex Legends, open-world exploration games and RPG games. He will also brave horror games, collabs regularly with friends, and is usually teased (affectionately) by his community.

He has been streaming since December 2020 however rebranded into his vampire cat boy era in 2023 and has been getting up to mischief as cats do.

Mika streams regularly throughout the week, focusing on having fun and a good time with chat. As a result, his streams are full of silly chaos but still have a comfy atmosphere to hang out in. His Minecraft streams are notorious for comedically timed deaths and Mika has a habit of “speaking without thinking”, resulting in double entendre lines of conversation. Karaoke, art and practicing voice acting characters in the games he plays are all part of Mika’s wide array of interests during streams as well.

He’s also a big fan of anime and manga, just be careful asking about his favorite characters or you might be there for a while…

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