Dress Code

AnimeFest is a family friendly event. We want to make sure that parents aren’t embarrassed to bring their small children to the convention. These rules apply to everyone in hotel function space and foyer space that is part of AnimeFest. There may be minor exceptions for cosplay contests, but you must have the contest coordinator’s approval.

Dress Code Rules:

  • Costumes that could be confused with local, state, or federal law enforcement of any kind are not permitted
  • Nothing that you could use to attach yourself, even temporarily, to another person. Examples: handcuffs, leashes, rope, etc.
  • No profanity on clothing or costume
  • Flesh colored garments or accessories do not count as coverage.
  • Underwear is not clothing and cannot be worn on its own.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. Flip-flops at minimum.
  • Men must also wear opaque clothing over their breasts (refer to graphic below for more information). However, it is acceptable that men can remove their shirt temporarily for cosplay photos.
  • Make sure your costume does not contour to your private body parts. If it does please wear extra undergarments as necessary.
  • Properly worn masks are recommended.

Want to make sure your costume is ok? Use the following graphic:

Violators of this policy will be given an opportunity to modify their outfit to conform to the rules. Repeated violations may lead to loss of privileges or expulsion from the event.

The hotel, as the property owner, has the right to make their own judgement regarding attire and take action as they see fit.

The Blueman graphic is by A. Jinnie McManus with thanks to San Japan for letting us use it.