Panel Etiquette

For years now AnimeFest has been fortunate enough to host many fabulous guests at our annual events. Each and every year we continue to hear from those same guests about how welcomed they felt and how great our members are. Thank you for helping make AnimeFest one of the best anime conventions in the world!

To help AnimeFest continue to receive this kind of praise, we ask for your cooperation and understanding when you attend a panel discussion, workshop, or autograph session.


AnimeFest asks that members refrain from lining up for Panels, Workshops and other events until 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. This is to prevent congestion and to allow everyone to enjoy as much of AnimeFest as possible.

After your event has concluded, please exit in a timely fashion to allow set-up for the next scheduled event.

Photography / Videography / Social Media…

Some guests have requested that they not be photographed. If an event has a “No Photography” sign posted, please refrain from using any device to record the guest’s image in any manner.

Likewise, please be considerate of the people about whom you post to any social media outlet, such as Twitter and Facebook. While some guests may encourage active posting during their events, others may have requested that the content they are sharing not be posted in anyway. AnimeFest will make every attempt to announce the rules clearly at the start of each event.

Any photography or videography should refrain from causing disruption with the panel or other attendees and should not block aisles.